The report by PC 154 Tom Draycott

Below is an email sent from PC 154 Draycott of Dyfed-Powys Police, the email was sent on the 30th of December 2018.


The Officer knew that Mr Tait and his wife were both living in their van after being chemically gassed out of their house.

The Tait's attended Accident and Emergency, and the matter was reported to the Police, a crime reference number issued.

Why did PC 154 Tom Draycott email Mr Tait with an update on the 30th December 2018 when he states that he visited 22 College Street on the 23rd November 2018?

That was 5 weeks later and resulted in the Tait's spending all of the Christmas period in their van.

PC 154 Tom Draycott states that Mr Tait's letter was dated the 8th October 2018.

Mr Tait had offered Dyfed-Powys Police the recordings that he made.

Dyfed-Powys Police did not listen to the recordings, nor did they even interview Mr Tait.

The matter had been reported by Mr Tait,

prior to the 8th October 2018, to Dyfed-Powys Police directly.

It was only after the Dyfed-Powys Police did not act, that the Tait's sent their report to other Police stations.

Mr Tait had made many clear recordings of automated machine running over night when the building was empty.

Link to a 34 hour recording where the automated machine can be heard flushing every hour

Yet all Police officer 154 Tom Draycott did was to phone up the owners of the property next door to the Tait's and asked for an appointment to view inside their property.

Mr Tait's letter was dated the 8th October 2018, it was 23rd November 2018 when the Police Officer Draycott went into the property.

That is around six weeks in between

PC 154 Tom Draycotts email:

We have been made aware of several of your concerns, which have come to light from your contact with senior Officers within Dyfed Powys Police and other Police Forces.

This specifically included a letter/witness statement you sent to a Bristol Police Station in Avon & Somerset Police, which you’ve dated 8th October 2018.

PCSO Mullock and I have been making enquiries in relation to the concerns you listed within this witness statement.

I therefore wished to provide you with an update.

In relation to 22 College Street – On Friday 23rd November 2018, I was able to gain full access to 22 College Street and made my way throughout the whole building.

I can confirm to you that the building is an empty shell, which has been fully refurbished.

The building is completely empty.

Police Officer Draycott does not mention the large safe that can be seen in the Estate agents photos, nor does he mention there is no "for sale" board, or the fact that there is a large polythene sheet stopping anyone from seeing inside the property.

One of our supporters examined the photos on the Estate agents website and noticed a large red stain in an upstairs room. He also said it looked like something heavy had been dragged across the room.

There are no pieces of machinery or tools of any kind - Nothing that would cause any form of noise or noise nuisance.

Nor was there any signs to show that any form of large or unusual machinery had ever been present at the address.

No one is living at or staying in the building.

There were no tunnels or similar at the address or doors which would give access to such a tunnel.

I was able to get full access to the building.

Police officer Draycott does not mention that he only managed to get full accesss after asking for permission and waiting six weeks.

The Tait's had not made a complaint about noise nuisance.

The owners of 22 College street have been spoken to in relation to machinery previously used during the refurbishment.

Refurbishment has clearly taken place to the building however, no large or heavy machinery was used - simply handheld tools.

Why does Police officer Draycott state "no large or heavy machinery was used - simply handheld tools" as if it was a fact and not

"The owners state that no large or heavy machinery was used - simply handheld tools"?

Police officer Draycott goes on to state "The Estate Agents John Francis have also been spoken with.

Police Officer Draycott does not state what the Estate Agents said though, the Estate Agents state that their wall was damaged by the owners of 22 College Street when a bout of heavy drilling took place.

The side of the wall of Sophia nails was also damaged.

The Tait's have photos and a letter from the Estate agents that seem to prove this point, yet Police officer Draycott just dismisses the point with "The Estate Agents John Francis have also been spoken with".

In relation to smells of Gas or similar – Carmarthenshire County Council's Environmental Health have been spoken to.

They have looked into the matter and have advised that there are no issues.

Mr Tait states that he Environmental Health had visited his property and they had noticed some brown rings had appeared on a six month old carpet upstairs.

There are 5 or 6 brown rings ranging in size.

Mr Tait states that the Lady inspected the carpet carefully and said she could not understand what had caused the staining, she also said that the stain had not come from under the carpet.

Enviromental Health officers offered to put a meter in that would sample the air but said the Tait's would have to be in the building to monitor the meter, the Tait's declined.

Whilst at the address and around 22 College Street, I personally couldn’t smell anything gas like or anything out of the ordinary.

The Tait's had said the gas was in their house, that's 20 College Street, why does Police officer Draycott say that he can not smell anything in the property next door?

Why does PC 154 Tom Draycott not go into the Taits's property at 20 College Street?

In relation to Ammanford Park, the old Citizens Advice building and the Chapel on Iscennen Road – PCSO Mullock and a colleague have attended all three locations.

Despite a thorough search - The Officers were unable to find any form of entrance to any tunnel or similar.

Mr Tait has photos that show a path has been cut from the back of the old citizens advice bureau that leads to the rear of the Chapel.

There are also photos of two wooden poles that are leaning on the chapel wall.

These wooden poles could have been used to prop open a trapdoor.

The deliberately cut path and the two wooden props should have aroused some suspicion, but Police officer Draycott does not mention them.

In relation to the list of noises heard on the recordings you detail in the witness statement dated 8th October 2018.

The 34 noises you described in the letter appear to be general background noises, which would be expected to be heard within the town centre in and around your home address.

Police officer Draycott would not listen to any of Mr Tait's recordings.

The folowing recording is just 5 seconds long, in the recording a lady, clearly in distress, can be heard saying

"Why Gary, why? The babies died"

None of these noises listed cause me any immediate concern.

No concerns similar have been raised by owners/occupiers of the surrounding buildings or College Street as a whole.

Apart from Tait's property, the other properties in the street are commercial, there are no residents in the area that could hear the automated noises that the Tait's could hear running overnight.

Why does PC 154 Tom Draycott not mention this point?

I notice that the Officer does not say that he has actually spoken with anybody in the Street except for the owners of 22 College Street and John Francis Estate agents at 24 College Street.

The Officer did not even talk to Mr Tait until after the email had been sent.

I hope that this provides some reassurance and will allow you both to return safely to your home address.”

Mr Tait says his wife and him were chemically gassed last time they were in the house, and then said to Police officer Draycott

"We would rather sleep in our van, the worst thing that could happen is we might get a bit cold".

I am told Police officer Draycott replied "That does not sound very good to me"

Mr Tait tells me he replied "Its better than being gassed to death",

and then said that Police officer Draycott knodded and smiled,

as if he was agreeing with Mr Tait.